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The dance our body, our soul, our way

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The Company

Dance is a song to life, for us to dance is to live.

We are a modern stage dance group. We believe that our works should be presented with all those elements the allow us to create and show the magic of art and of the theatre. Our language is constructed from movement that is born form visual and musical images.
Nemian is a word from nahuatl(Aztec) origin whose meaning is the road of life, This defines us because we bring to the stage our life experiences and we do so by adding the personal investigations of each member of the company.
Directed by Isabel Beteta, our works are characterized by an aesthetics based on the creation of poetical images and on the use of diverse objects and materials that have symbolic value and help create interesting new movement and compositions.

We have invited different choreographers both national and international such as:  Darryl  Thomas  (USA), Natsu  Nakajima   (Japan),  Rodrigo Fernández  (Chile),   Allen  Kaeja (Canada), Katsura Kan (Japan), Rea Volij   (Argentina), Duane Cochran and Oscar Ruvalcaba (Mexico), among others. This experience has made us a versatile company open to new ideas, themes and techniques.


The company was born in 1993 as a small chamber group with the piece that gave the company it’s name. For this piece we received the grant from the Mexican Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes FONCA in the year 1993-4.

Every year we premiere at least one new choreography.
Some of the programs that are most characteristic of us, and that show most clearly our esthetic ideas are:

  • Corazón de la tierra (1995) (Heart of the Earth)
  • Deseo (2005) (Desire)
  • La piel del desierto (2007) (Skin of the Desert)
  • El jardín de las delicias (2008) ( The garden of Delights)
  • Encuentros (2010) (Encounters)
  • La caída (2011) (The Fall)
  • A la sombra del Alba (2013) ( In the Shadow of Dawn)
  • Quien carga los sueños no nada es lo que parece ser (2014)
  • (Who Carries the dreams, or nothing is what is seems to be)
  • Tentaciones (2015) (Temptations)
  • El verbo Ser (2016) (Te verb to be)
  • Historia de historias (2017) (History of stories)
  • Llenar el Vacío (2018) (Filling the Void)

We have shown our work in the most prestigious stages of Mexico City such as: the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Sala Miguel Covarrubias of the Centro Cultural Universitario  de  la  UNAM,   Centro  Cultural Los Talleres A. C., Teatro de la Danza, Teatro Raúl Flores Canelo y Teatro Diego Rivera.

We have toured in Ecuador, Perú, Colombia, Canada, Cuba, the USA, Germany, Ireland, Bulgaria and Italy.

Members of the Company


Nemian repertoire has choreographies both short and long. Some were created by the companies members, some collectively, other were created for the group by guest choreographers both from Mexico others from abroad such as those mentioned above. The repertoire is constantly being renewed.


Centro Cultural Los Talleres

    (55) 5658 7288

    Fco. Sosa 33, Del Carmen Coyoacán

    “Isabel Beteta scollar from  Program National System of Creators 2015 – 2017 of National func for Culture and Arts”